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1 Electronic Ignition System for Chillbuster and Alterna Vent-Free Sets - Addendum to Instruction Manuals

The attached is an addendum to the Instruction Manuals for Chillbuster and Alterna Vent-free sets with Electronic Ignition Systems (EI). It covers the operation of the valve and transmitter.

2 Instructions for GV60-WS1 Wired Wall Switch for VEI and EI controls

Attached are the instructions for the GV60-WS1 Wired Wall Switch, which may be used with VEI and EI controls. It includes a 26 feet long harness cable which connects the VEI/EI receiver/ignition module to the included key pad. The key pad may be mounted into…

3 Operate Electronic Ignition with Constant Burning Pilot

Q - When using the remote and I hit the “off” button, the pilot light goes out. Is there a way when the “off” button is pressed it only turns of the flames and not the pilot light or would a different remote be able to do this? A - As you know, when…

4 VEI and EI Instructions Inside Handheld Remote Transmitter

The inside of the battery cover on the transmitter used in the VEI and EI electronic ignition systems has instructions for certain operations: