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1 Adding Logs to a Vent-free (Unvented) Gas Log Set

Question: May I add more logs to my vent-free (unvented) gas log set? Answer: No. Absolutely not. Our vent-free sets were tested and listed with the number and sizes of logs we specify for each particular vent-free burner/control system. Adding additional…

2 General Log Stacking Instructions - Vented Sets

Please refer to the photos of the log sets on our website at www.RasmussenGasLogs.com for log stacking ideas. For vented sets, there is latitude in the placement of the logs, following these guidelines: For "Traditional" Vented Log sets (solid front log)…

3 TimberFire (PH) Log Stacking Instructions - 30X and larger sizes

TimberFire (PH) Log Stacking Instructions for 30X and larger sizes