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1 #1 Vent-Free Issue - Nuisance Shutdown (or difficulty lighting) ODS Pilot Featured

This is common to all vent-free gas log sets, not just Rasmussen Chillbuster or Alterna VF sets. Before purchasing a replacement ODS, please read this article thoroughly - it may save you money and time. Testimonials : "Just thought you’d be interested…

2 "Easy" Safety Pilot Control System - What is it?

Our “EASY” Safety Control Systems provide convenient lighting and safety shutdown in the event of a gas interruption or flameout. The three main categories use a common valve body, which allows for conversion at a later time from one type to another.…

3 Addendum for "S" Millivolt Safety Lighting Control for Vent-free Units

Addendum to Instructions for "S" Millivolt Safety Lighting Control Systems

4 Can your manual safety pilot be used outside in an environment that reaches -20 degrees F?

The manufacturer’s specified operating temperature range for the valves used in the SPK3E, RMC1E and RPK3E is 0ºF to 225 ºF. The biggest issue I would expect from an outdoors installation, regardless of temperature, would be from the pilot blowing out…

5 Can't turn off Safety Control Valve

Issue: Unable to turn the Safety Control Valve to OFF, so I must use the log lighter valve upstream of the fireplace to turn the pilot off. Fix: With the knob at the PILOT position, slightly depress the knob and turn to the right (clockwise) to turn the knob…

6 How to program multiple remote units at one installation.

Q: How do I program two or more remote systems to work in the same space? A: 1. Clear all the codes from the control module or remote receiver. Slide the REMOTE/OFF switch on the control module or remote receiver to the OFF position on all units except the…

7 My remote doesn't work

Q: My remote doesn't work. What do I do? A: 1) If it is a millivolt remote control, try the following: a) Replace the batteries in both the hand-held transmitter and receiver (black box). b) Be sure the valve knob is turned to the "ON" position. * Most of…

8 Pilot is too loud and noisy

Q - My pilot is very noisy and loud. How can I make it more quiet. A - All control valves have a pilot adjustment screw. Turning it clockwise will reduce the flow of gas to the pilot. The optimum adjustment is just before the point it makes noise. If adjusted…

9 RE-UP1 Installation Manual

RE-UP1 Installation Manual NOTE: Do not over tighten the motor drive to the gas valve. (Finger tip tighten only) Over tightening can cause the motor drive to get stuck inside the gas valve.

10 Removing Battery Cover from BPR3 Receiver (used with RE, SE, RMC1E, and RPK3)

Most of the battery packs open similarly, by pushing down and sliding the cover:

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