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1 Can my built in grill be changed into a cart or post model?

Yes, we designed our grills as built-ins that can be placed onto our carts or posts. Our 27G, 27GXL & 30" models can be changed into cart or post (bolt-down or in-ground) model. The 42" & 56" models can be changed into a cart model.

2 Do I Need an Insulated Jacket?

Q : I am working with a local cabinet company to design an outdoor kitchen using Starboard by www.kingplastic.com . Would you still need an insulated jacket when using this outdoor marine board? A : Solaire makes Insulated Jackets for all of our grills so…

3 Do I need to use an insulated jacket for my built-in grill?

Q: Do I need to use an insulated jacket for my built-in grill? A: If you do not have 12" of clearance to a combustible material then the answer is "yes". We have insulated jackets available for 27G, 27GXL, 30, 42 & 56" grills.

4 Insulated Jackets for Combustible Grill Islands

Q : Do you have liners to install your grills and dual side burner into a wood cabinet? A : Yes, we have insulated jackets for the grills so they may be installed in combustible islands. They are top-supporting, self-trimming, just like our grills. The cut-out…

5 Solaire Built-in Cutout Dimensions

Solaire Built-in Cutout Dimensions (PDF attachment also) Width Depth Height Model # Product A B C IRBQ-15 15” Grill 14 1/2” 16 3/4” 9 5/8” IRBQ-21 21” Grill 20” 16 1/4” 7 7/8” IRBQ-21XL 21XL Grill 20” 21” 7 7/8” AGBQ-27 27” Grill 26”…