How to Install the SOL-2859 Ignition Module/Push Button Igniter Module
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The 2859R replaces the push button in your control panel. 


- Unscrew the existing push button cap to expose the plastic hex-nut which holds the existing battery holder in the control panel. 

- Unscrew the hex-nut to release the battery holder.

- You will now need to gain access to the back of the control panel by removing the knobs and the four screws (one each in the upper corners, one each in the bottom corners, accessible from below the panel.

- Slide the battery holder out of the hole in the panel and remove it and the two wires which are connected to the existing Igniter Module. 

- From the rear of the panel, insert the open battery holder end of the 2859R through to the front. Secure the 2859R with the hex-nut. Insert a AAA battery into the holder (+ side (bump) in, negative (flat) out). Screw on the push-button to cover the battery.

- Disconnect the three electrode wires from the existing igniter module and insert them into the back of the 2859R:

- Test that you have sparking at each igniter electrode before replacing the front control panel. If not, ensure that you have a fresh battery ("new" is not always "fresh"). Ensure that the electrode wires are properly seated into the 2859R. Ensure that there are no breaks in the insulation covering the wires that would cause the electricity to arc before reaching the tips of the electrodes at the burners. If there are, you need to replace the electrode/wire assemblies:

15" (right main burner) =

26" (left main burner) =

72" (rotiss burner) =


- Reinstall and secure the front control panel. Replace the knobs.

- Enjoy igniting your Solaire grill with the push-button rapid spark.


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