Solaire Infrared Basics Quickstart - Video Links
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If you are new to Solaire Infrared, or want a refresher, please view the following videos to get a basic understanding of Solaire Infrared and our positioning in the market
(PDF of these links is attached)

For Portables, TableTops, and Backyard Grills (all Solaire Infrared Grills) 
Video (2:00): 3 Types of Grills & The One You Should Avoid =
Video (1:27): V-Shape Grate vs. Round Rod Grids = 
Video (:44): Sebastian Gorka Testimonial =

Videos - For Solaire Portable Infrared Grills
(:35) - Jon Taffer – Tailgate Rescue on ABC Good Morning America (:58 to 1:33) =
Video (4:44) - Solaire Anywhere & Everywhere Portable Infrared Grills

For Backyard (larger) Solaire Infrared Grills
Virtual Product Tour
(18:05) =

Deeper Dive into Infrared Grills:
Video (13:10) – Infrared Grilling Myths =
Video (3:45) – Solaire on Food Network’s Unwrapped =

Solaire YouTube Channel =

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