Bromic Integration with Home Automation Systems
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Bromic Controllers (Dimmer and On/Off) can be integrated by Qualified Integrators of Home Automation Systems to any home automation device that offers a RS232 communication connection. Many home automation systems will offer a RS232 port either as standard or as a retrofit option.

One Bromic Smart-HeatTM Link (item BR-RS232) can be used in any combination and number of Bromic On/Off and/or Dimmer controls (within a range of 100 feet).

The Bromic Smart-HeatTM Link receives commands from the Home Automation System and then repeats these commands via wireless communication to the Bromic Smart HeatTM Controllers.

The Bromic Smart-HeatTM Link connects to the Home Automation system via a DB9 cable (not included).
PLEASE NOTE: The Bromic Smart-Heat
TM Link does not come pre-paired with any particular control device. Please contact a professional installer or licensed electrician to help you integrate the device with your home automation system. Please refer to our installation notes (attached Protocol Tool XLS document and Instruction Manual).

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