Cleaning your Solaire Infrared Grill
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WARNING: The grill must be cool before performing any of the below actions.

Cleaning the Infrared Burner Ceramic Plates

1) Always perform the minimum 5 minute burn-off on HIGH after each use.

2) Never subject the ceramic plates to water or any other liquid, as doing so will permanently weaken and damage them, requiring replacement of the burner (we do not do ceramic-only replacement).

3) Never remove the ceramic plates from the steel housing. The ceramic tiles are not replaceable. The complete burner assembly must be replaced if necessary.

4) Brush off any ash from the surface of the ceramic with a soft cloth or paper towel.

5) Shake out through the burner venturi (pipe) as much ash as you can that has settled inside of the burner.

6) If any of the holes in the ceramic plate are clogged, use a small twist drill bit (#57 or smaller diameter) or stiff wire to clean out each hole individually. 

    **CAUTION** Take care not to enlarge a hole or break the ceramic.

7) If the burner goes "boom" during operation, there is a crack in the ceramic that allows flame to suck into the can below the ceramic plate and ignites the unburned gas. This is an indication that you must replace the burner.


Cleaning the Wire Mesh Screen

1) Use a paper towel or bristle brush (SS or brass) to remove any food deposits that remain after use.


Cleaning the Grates

1) The grilling grates of all Solaire Grills should be placed in the ā€œVā€ configuration. The V-shape grilling grates are an integral part of the infrared grilling system. Unlike other types of grilling grates, such as round rods, the Solaire V-shape grilling grates help to control flare ups as well as contribute to the flavor of the food.

2) Brush the grates with a stiff bristle brush after the three minute warm-up before placing the food on the grill. The brush should have stainless steel or brass bristles, as carbon steel brushes can leave deposits on the grate and overall grill that will turn into surface rust). After removing the food, during the minimum five minute burn off, we also recommend brushing the grilling grates clean.

3) You may clean the grates with warm soapy water.

4) You may clean the grates in your dishwasher on the Pots/Pans cycle.

5) You may also clean the grilling grates with Easy-Off oven cleaner. Allow the cleaner to sit for 15-20 minutes then hose them off with the garden hose.


Please Note: The grilling grates will never be as nice looking as when they were brand new and unused. The intense heat will bronze the stainless steel. But the Easy-Off treatment will bring them as close as possible to new. If there are deposits left on the grilling grates that are objectionable, you can use Soft Scrub or Barkeepers Friend, both mild abrasive cleaners, a damp cloth and a bit of elbow grease to remove them.

Cleaning the Inside of the grill

2) Remove the burners and safely place away from grill. Protect Rear Infrared Rotisserie Burner by masking and other means to ensure burner tiles do not get wet.

3) Use a grease cleaner, such as 409 or orange cleaner, and paper towels to remove the majority of the grease. 

     a) For baked on grease, use either Barkeepers Friend or Soft Scrub with a damp soft cloth, rubbing only in the direction of the grain. Wipe with clean damp cloth. 

     b) Alternatively, spray inside of firebox, hood and grilling grates with oven cleaner, such as Easy Off (follow product instructions). Rinse inside of grill with water.  Dry with towels. For removing stubborn grease stains, please refer to #3a above.

**NOTE:  Do not allow the infrared burners to get wet at all.  Water on the infrared burner tiles will ruin them.


Cleaning the Outside of the grill

1) For basic cleaning we recommend using a grease cleaner, such as 409 or orange cleaner, with paper towels or a soft cloth. Always wipe or rub in the direction of the grain.

2) For removal of stains, spots and tarnishes we recommend Bar Keepers Friend or Soft Scrub (follow package instructions carefully).  Use a soft cloth and be sure to apply with the grain of the stainless steel (not cross-grain). 

3) Finish with stainless steel polish (from the grocery store or home improvement center). Always go with the direction of the grain when wiping or rubbing.


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