Battery Replacement for Solaire Ignition System
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Battery Replacement

Your Solaire Grill is fitted with an ignition system that requires installing a 9-volt battery into the igniter module. The Module is located under the Front Control Panel to the LEFT hand side on 21” and 21XL models, the RIGHT hand side on 27”, 27XL, 30”, 36” and 42” models, and both sides for 56” and 56T models.  Opening the access door of the cart or built-in beneath the module may aid in accessing the Igniter Module.


1) Locate the screw cap for the Igniter Module and unscrew.
2) Install a NEW 9 volt Battery into the cap with the battery terminals facing outwards.
3) Refit the battery cap and Battery into the Igniter module. Do not over tighten.
4) The battery polarity is detected by the Igniter module.
5) Test your ignition system to ensure that you are getting sparks to all the grill burners as you depress the igniter “Push Button” located on the front Control panel. If there are no sparks, verify that you have a fresh battery (all “new” batteries are not necessarily fresh) and that all Igniter Wire connections to the Igniter Module are fully seated).

Exploded View                            Side View


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