Gas Logs for Rumford Fireplaces
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The purpose of this article is to show that because Rumford Fireplaces have a different configuration than a conventional fireplace, the sizing methodology is also different.  With conventional gas log sets, the set size is based on the largest log in the set (the set's nominal width).  However, with Rumford Gas Logs, the sizing is based on the width of the fireplace, based on the Traditional Rumford Fireplace Dimensions listed below.

Traditional Rumford Fireplaces have a wide front, narrow back, shallow depth and a height nearly as tall or taller than its width.  They have a unique aerodynamic throat and smoke chamber that create greater efficiency than traditional fireplace designs.  The shallow back and steeply angled sides effectively radiate more heat into the room than a conventional fireplace.  Traditional gas log sets will not fit properly due to this steep taper.  Also, most Rumford Fireplaces are vertically oriented (taller than their width), so a vertically oriented log stack is a better design fit for the opening.

• Rasmussen has designed two Tipi stacks to fit within the Traditional Rumford Fireplace Dimensions listed below. Please read the related article for information on the "Andiron Classic" concept.
• Model numbers for the Rumford Log Sets are keyed to Traditional Rumford Fireplace Dimensions shown below, not the size of the logs. 
• These Tipi sets are intended for use with the Tipi/Andiron Burner (“TNA” and “TNA-E” models).  These burners are sized to fit within the rear width of the Traditional Rumford Fireplaces.
• These sets may be used in fireplaces with more standard tapers and depths, but you may need to step up to the next size and/or add individual logs in order to satisfactorily fill the fireplace opening.  Please see more information about this at the end of this article.

Traditional Rumford Fireplace Dimensions
Rumford F/P Size Front Width Rear Width Depth Opening Height
24 24” 13.5” 12” 24” – 28”
30 30” 13.5” 12” 28” – 32”
36 36” 13.5” 14” 32” – 38”
42 42” 15” 15” 38” – 42”
48 48” 18” 16” 42” – 48”
60 60” 22.50 20” 45” – 54”
72 72” 24” 24” 45” – 60”

We created the Tipi/Andiron (TNA) Burner series to fit these Rumford dimensions.  The following are the rear widths of the TNA burners and the corresponding Rumford Fireplace in which they are intended to be installed:

Burner Item # Rear Width Rumford F/P Size
TNA20/TNA20E 9 1/8” 24”, 30”, 36”
TNA24/TNA24E 12 1/8” 42”, 48”
TNA30/TNA30E 18 1/8” 60”
TNA36/TNA36E 24 1/8” 72”

TNA (standard)                                                                                                    TNA-E (enhanced)


Retiring Tipi (RF-R) Short Vertically Stacked
Logs for use with TNA burners.

Rumford F/P Size Item No.
No. Pieces Use with Burner Stack Height
24 RF-R24LOG 9 TNA20, TNA20E 15
30 RF-R30LOG 9 TNA20, TNA20E 15
36 RF-R36LOG 10 TNA20, TNA20E 16
42 RF-R42LOG 10 TNA24, TNA24E 16
48 RF-R48LOG 10 TNA24, TNA24E 16
60 RF-R60LOG 10 TNA30, TNA30E 23
72 RF-R72LOG 11 TNA36, TNA36E 23

Rumford Tipi (RF-T) Tall Vertically Stacked Logs for use with TNA burners.

Rumford F/P Size Item No.
No. Pieces Use with Burner Stack Height
24 RF-T24LOG 9 TNA20, TNA20E 19
30 RF-T30LOG 9 TNA20, TNA20E 19
36 RF-T36LOG 11 TNA20, TNA20E 23
42 RF-T42LOG 11 TNA24, TNA24E 31
48 RF-T48LOG 11 TNA24, TNA24E 34
60 RF-T60LOG 13 TNA30, TNA30E 36
72 RF-T72LOG 14 TNA36, TNA36E 36

If you have a standard fireplace and wish to use Rumford Tipi or Retiring Tipi logs, the above combination of logs and burners will not apply, but are a good starting point.  Because the rear width will be much wider, a wider burner (perhaps the next size) will need to be used to give an adequate fire and ember display.  You may also need to go to the next size of log set, although the height of the logs may become an issue.  Adding some individual logs of a certain size might be a better solution.  If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance, providing us with the fireplace's dimensions:

  •   Front width of the firebox
  •   Rear width of the firebox 
  •   Depth of the firebox (front to back) 
  •   Height of the opening 
  •   Flue size or chimney opening area. 
  •   Gas type: Natural or   Propane 
  •   Location of gas supply into the firebox (wall or floor. If floor, where in the firebox)

More information on Rumford Fireplace design can be found at www.rumford.com

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