If my infrared burner pops, what can I do?
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Q:  My infrared burner pops during use.  What should I do?

A: Try removing the burner and slightly shaking it upside down over a trash can.  While the burner is out, clean out the orifice.  This can be found in the hole where the burner tube enters.  If the burner ports on the ceramic burner are clogged the burner can pop and have a high flame pattern.  Unclog any holes in the burner surface, using a small wire or twist drill.

If this does not help, take a close look at the ceramic tile as it may have a crack.  If so, the burner will need to be replaced.  The flame is sucking back into the burner can and igniting the gas inside the burner, resulting in the pop or boom.  You can purchase a replacement from our on-line store.  If you have any questions, please email to:  info@rasmussen.biz

(Grill Model Number can be found on the underside of the pull-out drip tray)

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