I have a new Solaire Anywhere Portable Grill and it is not getting hot - what should I do?
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Q: I have a new Solaire Anywhere (or Everywhere) Portable Grill and it is not getting hot - what should I do?

A:  1) If the grill is connected to a one pound cylinder, try hanging the propane bottle over the edge of the table, so that the control knob is on top and the top of the bottle is pointed upward. This allows the propane to fully vaporize, avoiding the freezing of the regulator. The small tanks are not filled uniformly by the manufacturers. If overfilled, the gas is released at a higher pressure, which results in the lower temperatures at the valve/regulator. You should keep an eye on this and turn the valve to “MED” to reduce the gas flow, which will keep the valve from freezing. This, unfortunately, is common with the smaller 1 lb bottles of propane, regardless of the appliance is used with.

   2) If using an adapter hose to connect to a full size tank, is the hose a Solaire part?  Some adapter hoses from other sources do not allow sufficient gas flow for the Solaire Infrared burner to operate properly.  The proper part number is SOL-SAHOSE6 and is available on our online website store at: 
www.rasmussen.biz  The green screw-on adapter has the following markings: 
M.B. Sturgis
204 050
200k BTUH
250 PSI Max

An adapter without these marking may be different internally which reduces the gas flow needed to sufficiently power a Solaire Portable Grill.

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