Insulated Jackets for Combustible Grill Islands
Author: Rett Rasmussen Reference Number: AA-00110 Views: 84678 Created: 1969-12-31 16:00 Last Updated: 2011-01-04 21:54 0 Rating/ Voters

Q: Do you have liners to install your grills and dual side burner into a wood cabinet?

A: Yes, we have insulated jackets for the grills so they may be installed in combustible islands. They are top-supporting, self-trimming, just like our grills. The cut-out dimensions for the insulated jackets are specified at The insulated jacket is placed in this cut-out, then the grill is placed in the opening of the insulated jacket.

An insulated jacket is not necessary for the side burner. All of the heat is above the surface of the island, and insufficient heat to create a hazard is conducted through the stainless steel to the edges that support the side burner in the island.

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