Do I Need an Insulated Jacket?
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Q:  I am working with a local cabinet company to design an outdoor kitchen using Starboard by Would you still need an insulated jacket when using this outdoor marine board?

A:  Solaire makes Insulated Jackets for all of our grills so that they may be installed in combustible materials (such as wood or other materials that will burn). I have been onto the King Plastic site and looked at the Starboard material. My first clue that it needs the insulated jacket is that it is plastic. While it may be designed to be impervious to outdoor element and salt water corrosion, I would not expect heat, other than the intensity of normal sunlight, to be one of these elements. While I can find no exact guidance saying that when used in a grilling island you should use an insulated jacket, two things I found on the site lead me to the conclusion that it would be extremely prudent to include the insulated jacket in this installation:

1) The Physical Properties Sheet shows two temperatures limits for various physical properties of the material. The lowest is 84 degrees C, which is 183.2 degrees F. That is pretty low in grill terms.

2) The second clue is the photo of a grill in an island that they show on their website (see above). It is apparent to me that an insulated jacket was used. Accordingly, I advise you to use an insulated jacket with an island made from the Starboard or any other plastic type material. I do not think it prudent to run the risk of melting the structure that is supporting the hot grill.

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