Outdoor Use of Vented Gas Log Sets


For Outdoor Use of Vented Gas Log Sets, we recommend the following

1) Use Volcanic Ash rather than Sand as the pan fill for the burners. Volcanic Ash does not pack from moisture, whereas sand is very susceptible to clumping form moisture. Gas takes the path of least resistance, so packing can result in high flames in one area and low in another. Volcanic Ash is porous and does not pack, so is the best choice for pan burners used in outdoors. You may suffix the burner item number with "OS" when ordering, which clues us to ship only Volcanic Ash as the pan filler (no sand).

2) Use our Stainless Steel version of the burner (and grate, as appropriate). We make the CS, CXF, F, FX and LC burners in stainless steel for longer life in the outdoor environment than can be achieved by the mild steel we use in indoor installations.

3) Do not use a lighting control system outdoors, because:

     a) pilots blow out in the wind, creating a nuisance issue for the customer;
     b) the components were not made for the harsh outdoors environment, and are not warranted for outdoor use by either Rasmussen or the component manufacturers.
     c) Match light the burner, even with Propane (automatic shutdown systems are only required for Propane when used in confined spaces). Do not leave a burning gas log or firepit unattended.

4) Logs and FireBalls used in outdoors are warranted for one year from date of purchase due to the harsh nature of outdoors. Freeze/thaw conditions may shorten the life of logs/FireBalls, so you may wish to store them inside during such weather.

5) If using Rasmussen Logs or FireBalls with other than a Rasmussen burner, please follow our General FirPit Guidance at http://rasmussen.host4kb.com/article/AA-00328 . Be sure that the burner holes (ports) face downward, and that the burner is covered with Volcanic Ash, in order to promote longevity of the Logs or FireBalls.