Gas Log Set on Propane will not work when the temperature outside is above freezing. What do I do?


Q:  We have a 100# propane tank outside for the fuel source.  When below freezing, when I turn the gas logs on, the flame goes out and the pilot light goes out.   I poured warm water on the regulator at the propane tank and now the gas log set works.  What do I do?

A: Your experience shows that the issue is with your propane system and not the gas log set.  The outside regulator is frozen and not allowing the liquid propane to vaporize into gas that the gas log set needs to operate properly.  By pouring the warm water on the regulator, you are unfreezing the regulator and, in effect, unblocking the log jam that was keeping the propane gas from getting to the gas log set that it needs to burn.  With the regulator frozen, the effect was the same as if you had turned off the valve.  Please contact you propane supplier for their advice on how to protect your regulator from freezing.