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1 Gas Logs for Rumford Fireplaces Featured

The purpose of this article is to show that because Rumford Fireplaces have a different configuration than a conventional fireplace, the sizing methodology is also different. With conventional gas log sets, the set size is based on the largest log in the…

2 Andiron Classic Concept

The "Andiron Classic" is a concept, created by using our Evening Prestige Logs, TNA Burner and any pair of andirons with a shank upon which you rest one end of each of the two front log pieces. Rasmussen does not make andirons. We designed the TNA burner…

3 Rumford Log Sets Composition

"Rumford Log Compositions.pdf" shows all of the pieces that comprise each of the various Rumford Tipi and Retiring Tipi log sets. The item number and lengths of each log are indicated. "Rumford Logs.pdf" has pictures, item number and lengths of each of the…

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