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41 Which size of Solaire Grill do I have?

Q - Which size of Solaire Grill do I have? A - You can easily determine the size grill you have by measuring one of your grilling grids. Grill Size Width Length Notes Portable (Anywhere or Everywhere) 15 1/4" 11 1/4" 1 per grill 15" (Accent / Demo Grill)…

42 Why is the 30" is so much more expensive that the 27" Solaire Infrared Grills?

The 30" (and larger) grills are designed as "premium" grills, while the 27G and 27GXL are designed to be "value" grills. There are several differences between our 30" and our 27G and 27GXL grills: 1) Grilling area. The 30" has over 55% more Effective Grilling…

43 Why should I buy Solaire Grill?

Why should I buy a Solaire Grill? Let's begin by saying that it is proudly manufactured in Whittier, CA., U.S.A., by a family owned business that began in 1907. This grill is a work horse, it does not have the bells and whistles that many grills offer however,…

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