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1 #1 Vent-Free Issue - Nuisance Shutdown (or difficulty lighting) ODS Pilot Featured

This is common to all vent-free gas log sets, not just Rasmussen Chillbuster or Alterna VF sets. Before purchasing a replacement ODS, please read this article thoroughly - it may save you money and time. Testimonials : "Just thought you’d be interested…

2 "Easy" Safety Pilot Control System - What is it?

Our “EASY” Safety Control Systems provide convenient lighting and safety shutdown in the event of a gas interruption or flameout. The three main categories use a common valve body, which allows for conversion at a later time from one type to another.…

3 Addendum for "S" Millivolt Safety Lighting Control for Vent-free Units

Addendum to Instructions for "S" Millivolt Safety Lighting Control Systems

4 Can your manual safety pilot be used outside in an environment that reaches -20 degrees F?

The manufacturer’s specified operating temperature range for the valves used in the SPK3E, RMC1E and RPK3E is 0ºF to 225 ºF. The biggest issue I would expect from an outdoors installation, regardless of temperature, would be from the pilot blowing out…

5 How to program multiple remote units at one installation.

Q: How do I program two or more remote systems to work in the same space? A: 1. Clear all the codes from the control module or remote receiver. Slide the REMOTE/OFF switch on the control module or remote receiver to the OFF position on all units except the…

6 My remote doesn't work

Q: My remote doesn't work. What do I do? A: 1) If it is a millivolt remote control, try the following: a) Replace the batteries in both the hand-held transmitter and receiver (black box). b) Be sure the valve knob is turned to the "ON" position. * Most of…

7 Pilot is too loud and noisy

Q - My pilot is very noisy and loud. How can I make it more quiet. A - All control valves have a pilot adjustment screw. Turning it clockwise will reduce the flow of gas to the pilot. The optimum adjustment is just before the point it makes noise. If adjusted…

8 RE-UP1 Installation Manual

RE-UP1 Installation Manual NOTE: Do not over tighten the motor drive to the gas valve. (Finger tip tighten only) Over tightening can cause the motor drive to get stuck inside the gas valve.

9 Removing Battery Cover from BPR3 Receiver (used with RE, SE, RMC1E, and RPK3)

Most of the battery packs open similarly, by pushing down and sliding the cover:

10 The pilot is lit but when I press the transmitter, the burner will not light. What is wrong and what do I need?

Q: The pilot is lit but when I press the transmitter (remote), the burner will not light. What is wrong and what do I need? A: Here are several things for you to check and try: 1) After lighting the pilot, did you turn the knob from the PILOT to the ON position?…

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