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11 Pilot is too loud and noisy

Q - My pilot is very noisy and loud. How can I make it more quiet. A - All control valves have a pilot adjustment screw. Turning it clockwise will reduce the flow of gas to the pilot. The optimum adjustment is just before the point it makes noise. If adjusted…

12 RE-UP1 Installation Manual

RE-UP1 Installation Manual NOTE: Do not over tighten the motor drive to the gas valve. (Finger tip tighten only) Over tightening can cause the motor drive to get stuck inside the gas valve.

13 Removing Battery Cover from BPR3 Receiver (used with RE, SE, RMC1E, and RPK3)

Most of the battery packs open similarly, by pushing down and sliding the cover:

14 Set burns for a short period then goes out

Q - Why does my gas log set burn for 5 to 15 minutes, then goes out, pilot and main burner flame? A - Because the set works for a period of time, then goes out, all components are functioning properly. Had either the thermocouple or the valve been faulty,…

15 SPK1 vs. SPK3E - What's the difference between these two Manual Safety Pilot Controls?

SPK1 vs. SPK3E (“EASY”) Similarities: 1) Both are manual safety pilot control systems which will close the valve to stop the flow of gas to the main burner should the pilot flame cease due to an interruption of the gas supply or a flameout. 2) Lighting…

16 The pilot is lit but when I press the transmitter, the burner will not light. What is wrong and what do I need?

Q: The pilot is lit but when I press the transmitter (remote), the burner will not light. What is wrong and what do I need? A: Here are several things for you to check and try: 1) After lighting the pilot, did you turn the knob from the PILOT to the ON position?…

17 VEI Electronic Ignition System for Vented Burner with Valve Vanisher - Addendum to Instruction Manuals

The attached is an addendum to the Instruction Manuals for Vented Burners with Valve Vanisher and Electronic Ignition Systems (VEI). It covers the operation of the valve and transmitter.

18 Why do I need a Safety Pilot Control?

A Safety Pilot Control (SPC) and Electronic Ignition System (EIS or IPI) shuts off the flow of gas to the burner in the event the pilot light blows out or if there is a flame out of the burner. An SPC is required for all Propane installations, due to the…