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1 BTU Ratings for Custom Pan ( CS ) Burners

BTU/hour ratings for Custom Pan Burners (CS). Match Lighted / EIS Ready (-N) Natural (-P) Propane CS16-B- 65k 27k CS18-B- 75k 27k CS21-B- 76k 35k CS24-B- 90k 37k CS27W-B- 100k 60k CS30-B- 110k 50k CS30W-B- 130k 70k CS33W-B- 120k 75k CS36-B- 125k 85k CS42-B-…

2 Installing glass in a C or CXF Burner

When installing glass in a C (Custom Pan Burner) or CXF (Custom Embers Pan Burner), completely fill the burner pan with the glass, completely filling the pan underneath and above the baffle plate. If you wish to minimize the use of the glass (reduce the cost):…

3 Why is the Custom Pan Burner (CS) supplied without an orifice?

The orifice is a flow restrictor that limits the maximum amount of gas that can flow to the burner. When installed, it is the component that determines that maximum flow of the gas to the burner, and which directly impacts the flame height. Control of the…

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