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11 Replacing a AA to a AAA battery system push button igniter on Solaire 27G or 27GXL Grill

When replacing a AA push button battery system with a AAA push button battery system (SOL-2859R), you may need to remove the metal flange to which the original system was bolted. Fix: Remove push button battery system, take a pair of pliers and rock the flange…

12 Rotisserie Burner Adjustment

Q: How do I lower the heat on the back burner? (Rotisserie burner) A: The rear rotisserie burner is supposed to be either ON or OFF. You can reduce the gas flow by adjusting the knob to a location between ON and OFF. Be careful that the burner does not extinguish…

13 What is the reason for the V-shaped grilling grids?

The V-shape grilling grids are an integral feature of the Solaire Infrared grilling system. They: 1) catch drippings and vaporize the juices back into your meat to keep as much flavor as possible; 2) control the amount of drippings that do fall onto the burner…

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