How to Prepare and Paint the Inside of Your Fireplace
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Many people like to paint the inside of their fireplace black before installing a gas log, FireBalls or FireStones set.
The flame really "pops" against the dark background.

Materials List:
1) TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) cleaner
2) Latex Gloves
3) Sponge
4) Bucket
5) Water
6) Black latex paint (inexpensive - no need for expensive high-heat stove or fireplace paint)
7) Paint Roller and Tray
8) Paint Brush

Step 1 - Prepare the walls and floor by cleaning them with a solution of TSP and water. Use gloves and a sponge.


Step 2 - Paint the walls and floor black with inexpensive water-based latex paint (no need for high-heat paint) using a roller and brush.

Black Paint_roller_brush.png

Step 3 - Let the paint dry.

Painted Black FireBox.png

Step 4 - Install your Rasmussen set. 

2022-10-11 CSRF42_FB4.jpg

Step 5 - Enjoy your beautiful Rasmussen set! Please email photos of your finished installation to 
We would love to see your finished project!

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