RF-LD Burner for Rumford and Narrow-back Fireplaces
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Attached are the installation / instruction manuals for the RF-LD Multi-Burner, with different versions based on the control system. The RF-LD burner is intended for use with either Rasmussen "Traditional" or "Evening" series of logs. The Rear Log in the set is used as a top log, crossing from the right (or left) side of the back burner support to the left (or right) of the front log, then is used as a support for the other top logs to build a taller stack than would we without the use of the rear log in this manner.

The RF-LD burner has two distinct burners. The front bottom burner provides superior ember glow and small flames. The top main burner is located on top of the grate and provides a large wood-like flame. Because it is 3 5/8" off the floor, it does not consume as much gas as do burners that are installed on the floor, as it is not expending gas to make up the 3 5/8" distance. The top main burner also functions as the rear log, in that the top logs are supported by the top edge of the burner

The RF-LD burner is only for use in a non-combustible fully vented and functioning fireplace with the damper wide open. It will burner with a yellow smoky wood-like flame that will produce soot.

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