Gas Type Conversion of Bromic Gas Heaters
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Changing the heater to operate on one gas type from another requires:

1)     Changing the Injectors (Burner Orifices); and

2)     Setting the outlet pressure at the control valve to the appropriate pressure.


You may purchase Injectors (Burner Orifices) from our webstore at  (Select the appropriate gas type for the actual gas type on which the heater will be operated.


Video instruction on how to change the injectors (burner orifices) is at 


Using a manometer, you will also need to adjust the gas outlet pressure at the regulator portion of the control valve in the heater's control bracket to either:


-        Natural Gas = 5.0 inches of water column pressure; or

-        Propane = 10.0 inches of water column pressure


Video instruction begins at 1:16 at

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