SPK1 vs. SPK3E - What's the difference between these two Manual Safety Pilot Controls?
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SPK1 vs. SPK3E (“EASY”)




1)     Both are manual safety pilot control systems which will close the valve to stop the flow of gas to the main burner should the pilot flame cease due to an interruption of the gas supply or a flameout.

2)     Lighting of the pilot is equivalent: with knob at PILOT, push in knob to flow gas to pilot burner, light with flame source, hold in for 30 to 60 seconds until thermocouple is heated sufficiently so the pilot flame remains lighted when the knob is released.


SPK1 Differences:

1)     Has better flame height modulation. There is 90-degrees of rotation from PILOT to ON, and an increasing amount of gas flow as you rotate the knob from Pilot to ON.

2)     Is not upgradable to Remote functionality.

SPK3E Differences:

1)     There is very little control of the flame height (except with RE-UP1 remote upgrade). There is 60-degrees of rotation from PILOT to ON, but it has a detent which quickly moves the position to full ON. When you turn the knob from PILOT. You can “play” with the knob to achieve a small amount of flame height control, but it is not intuitive nor consistent.

2)     Is upgradable to Remote functionality.

a.     RE-UP1 – Upgrades to Variable Flame Height Remote Control function. Includes motor drive, receiver, transmitter and batteries

b.     SE-UP1 – Upgrades to ON/OFF function. Kit includes solenoid, receiver & batteries. Has simple ON and OFF function which can be controlled by the sliding switch on the receiver, or from one of the five different Wireless Remote Transmitters (sold separately):

                                               i.     SR-2R - Wireless Hand-held Transmitter with simple ON/OFF function

                                              ii.     THR-2R - Wireless Hand-held Transmitter with Thermostat function

                                             iii.     TS-2R – Wireless Wall Thermostat Control

                                             iv.     WS-2R – Wireless Wall Switch

                                              v.     WT-2R – Wireless 30/60/120 minute Wall Timer

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