Infrared Burners - Best Practices
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Best practices for Solaire Infrared Burners:

1)    Preheat on HI for at least three (3) minutes before every use with the hood open.

2)    Perform the post-use burn-off on HI for at least five (5) minutes (with the hood open) after each use to keep the thousands of holes in the ceramic plate clear. Burn on HI longer if there were a lot of drippings from grease or marinades during use.

3)    Never let water touch the ceramic plate when the burner is off (cold). This will soften the ceramic and result in its failure by crumbling, warping, or cracking. Water to the ceramic plate is like kryptonite to Superman.

4)    Ensure that the grates are always in the V configuration (to collect and control the drippings onto the burner).

5)    Ensure the mesh screen is covering the ceramic plate before each use.

6)    Never close the hood when any of the burners are on HI to the * position.

7)    Trim excess fat before grilling to reduce the amount of grease.

8)    Avoid letting excess marinade and BBQ sauce drip onto the infrared burner.

9)    Periodically remove the burner from the grill.

a.    Shake out any debris that may have accumulated inside the burner.

b.    Brush off any ash from the surface of the ceramic with a soft cloth or dry paper towel.

c.     Inspect the ceramic burner plate for any clogged holes. Open any that are clogged with a small twist drill or stiff wire. 

d.    Wipe clean any grease that has accumulated in the bottom of the grill.

e.    Inspect the orifice at the valve for any spider webs or other obstruction to the flow of gas.

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