Propane Conversion Kit
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Good morning all,

I ordered a B30-FXH-VEI a week or so ago, but I mistakenly ordered it for natural gas rather than propane. I'd like to order a conversion kit for it, but I'm having difficulty locating the part number to order. Could you be so kind as to help me locate the part number and pricing?


It's not really possible.  A VEI would require a valve change and a full pilot assembly to be replaced as well, along with bracketing differences among other things.  It's easier to build up from the start than to take apart and put back together on top of having many components that need replacing.  Overall, there's too much that can go wrong and the best option is to have our experts build it here at the manufacturer to prevent further mistakes and wasted time and money.  Also with some of our burners one would end up with sand for natural gas, which does not work with propane and instead you would need volcanic ash to act as pan filler because of the properties of the gas being heavier and requiring more air mixing.  It's easier to order what you need so we can assemble it here and send it to you.  

It is definitely possible to return any items ordered by mistake, especially if they were never removed from the packaging and also propane and natural gas cost the same for all items, but unfortunately we do charge a restocking fee and for shipping due to the inconvenience and we will have to receive the item before sending a replacement to ensure it has not been damaged.

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