How to Use the Rotisserie
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Operating the Rotisserie Burner

Your Solaire Grill is capable of performing rear burner rotisserie cooking, a method of slow cooking. The location of the rear burner allows the placement of the Solaire BBQ Tray drip pan accessory (not included) beneath the food to collect juices and drippings for basting and gravy. To flavor the contents of the drip tray, you can add herbs, onion, garlic or spices.

Drippings from the food must not be allowed to fall onto the Main (underneath) Infrared Burner(s) (if equipped), as non-warranty damage to the burner may occur. Place a pan on top of the Infrared Burners to catch the drippings, or remove the burners from the grill before commencing rotisserie cooking.

You can speed up the cooking time by “blasting” the food on the rotisserie with infrared energy from both the Rear and Main Infrared burners. Once the juices start to flow out of the food (usually in 10 to 15 minutes), turn the Main Infrared burners to LOW and place the Solaire BBQ Tray accessory underneath the food. The BBQ Tray rests on the grilling grid supports. Then, fill the BBQ Tray with water, brine or other liquid. The liquid prevents the BBQ tray from warping; it will also steam up and self-baste the food, adding moisture and flavor. Periodically refill the BBQ Tray with the liquid. Close the lid as desired to further reduce cooking times.

Lighting Instructions

Open the hood. Push and turn the Rotisserie Burner Knob to the HI position.
Keep the control knob pressed in and immediately depress the igniter button. Continue to depress the igniter button until the burner lights. Continue to fully depress the control knob for 20 to 30 seconds, or until the burner remains lighted when the control knob is released. If the burner does not remain lighted, retry the lighting again, and hold the control knob for a few seconds more than before. The thermocouple must be heated before the burner will remain lighted after releasing the control knob.

Rotisserie Motor

The rotisserie motor is capable of turning up to a 25 lb. cut of meat. The motor is mounted to a stainless steel bracket, which can be attached to either side of the grill. The rotisserie motor

must be electrically grounded in accordance with local codes or, in the absence of local codes, with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.


Electrical Grounding Instructions

This appliance (rotisserie motor) is equipped with a three-prong (grounding) plug for your protection against shock hazard, and should be plugged directly into a properly grounded three-prong receptacle.
Do not cut or remove the grounding prong from this plug.

Keep the rotisserie motor electric cord away from the heated surfaces of the grill. When not in use, remove and store the motor in a dry location.

Loading Food Onto the Spit Rod

To load the spit rod, slide the counter weight towards the handle, then the grooved bushing, then one of the meat holders (forks), with the prongs facing away from the handle. Push the spit rod through the center of the food, then slide the second meat holder. Center the meat to be to be cooked on the spit rod, then push the meat holders firmly together. Tighten the wing nuts with pliers. It may be necessary to wrap the food with butcher’s string (never use nylon or plastic string) to secure any loose portions of the food. Once the food is secure, insert the spit rod into the motor. It is normal for the spit rod to flex when larger cuts of meat are being cooked. Adjust the counter weight to ensure smooth rotation.

Caution: Balancing the meat on the spit rod is extremely important. Additional weight can be taped onto the counter weight if needed. Failure to balance the load on the spit rod will result in non-warranty damage to the rotisserie motor.

After your first use of the rotisserie burner, it is likely that the stainless steel adjacent to the burner will darken to a dark blue/bronze color. This is a normal property of the non-rusting, type-304 stainless steel used in your Solaire Grill, and is not detrimental to the operation of the grill.

How Long to Cook with the Rotisserie Burner

The main idea with the rotisserie burner is to grill the food until the internal temperature meets accepted guidelines for doneness. The USDA offers such temperature guidelines at Use an instant-read thermometer to probe into the meat to test for doneness. Remove the meat from the heat a bit before achieving the desired temperature, as the temperature will continue to rise during its resting period.

Please share your grilling and rotisserie success stories with us at and

Happy Grilling ... and Rotissing. Thank you for your purchase! 

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