Difference Between Pellet Grill and Solaire Infrared Grill
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Q: What is the difference between a pellet grill and a Solaire Infrared Grill?

A: I almost bought a pellet grill in 1999. My uncle had one and I loved the taste of the food. A pellet grill is a "Low/Slow" grill, one that burns the pellets to make smoke that slowly cooks the food. The pellets come in different types of flavors (wood types), which can be paired with particular foods. Pellet grills require electricity to power the auger that feeds the pellets to the burn pot

But in 2000, we created the Solaire Infrared Grills line. Solaire Infrared is a "Hot/Fast" grill. It heats up in just three minutes to over 1000 degrees, sears in the juices, and gives you better than restaurant quality taste in less time than a conventional gas, and much less time than a pellet grill. Solaire Infrared grills efficiently use Natural Gas or Propane to create the high heat, and require no electricity (except batteries for the ignition system and 120v for the rotisserie motor).

A pellet grill and a Solaire Infrared grill can very much coexist in the same backyard. The speed of Solaire makes it the everyday grill, perfect for today's busy lifestyles. The pellet grill is better suited for weekends when you have more time to prepare the food.
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