Cleaning your Solaire Infrared Burner and Grill
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Cleaning the burner:  

You should remove the burner from the grill, shake out any debris that may have accumulated inside the burner and brush off any ash from the surface of the ceramic with a soft cloth.  Inspect the ceramic burner plate for any clogged holes and open any that are clogged with a small twist drill or sharp point.  Do not subject the ceramic plate to any moisture and be sure to conduct the five minute burn off after each use.

Cleaning the grill body and grilling grate: 
1) Use a brass or stainless steel wire brush on the grids during the 3-minute warm up period as well as during the 5-minute burn off period after you have removed all of the food.  (During both of these periods the burner is on HIGH). 

2) Remove as much grease and debris by wiping down the grill with 409, Fantastic, citrus cleaner or other such spray grease cleaner while using a lot of paper towels.

3) Then use a damp cloth, sponge or ScotchBrite pad and Soft Scrub (a mild abrasive that does not scratch; used normally on tile) or Barkeeper’s Friend.  This, with a bit of "elbow grease" will remove the majority of any grease left after the first step.  Be sure to rub in the direction of the grain.  This step is usually only necessary inside the firebox and hood, not on the exterior of the grill.

4) Finish by using a clean cloth and stainless steel polish to bring back the luster. 

5) The cooking grids can be brushed clean with a brass or SS bristle brush.  Further cleaning can be done in the kitchen sink or in the dishwasher, as desired.

6) For more thorough cleaning, we have designed the burners to be easily removable without tools.  This allows you to wipe out the interior as desired.  Remove the burners, spray the V-grids and inside of the grill with Easy Off oven cleaner, let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, hose it off with water and then wipe dry.  (Protect the rear IR rotisserie burner from exposure to any liquid, as this can damage the ceramic plates).  This brings the grill back to about 90% of new.  You can follow #3 above after this to clean remaining deposits.  I only do this about once a season.   How often or to what extent you clean your grill is your choice.

7) Use a SS Cleaner found in the grocery aisle on the outside to shine and protect.


Always perform the 5 minute burn off after each use.


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