Match Lighting a Natural Gas Set
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To light a “match-lighted” set (no standing pilot safety control installed):

1)    Ensure the damper and glass doors are wide open.

2)    Light a match or Aim-N-Flame.

3)    Place it on the burner pan on the side from which the gas enters the burner (usually the same side of the fireplace where the valve is located).

4)    Step back.

5)    Turn on the gas.

6)    Once the gas ignites, adjust the flame height with the valve to the desired height.

7)    Glass doors must be open when burning.

8)    Enjoy!

9)    After turning off the gas you may close either the glass doors or damper.

Match lighting is only for Natural Gas. All Propane sets require a safety lighting control system that provides for automatic shut down of the gas flow in the case of a flameout or interruption in the gas supply.

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