LC versus LD Multi-Burners
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What is the difference between the LC and LD Multi-Burners?

- Both burners feature a front burner for embers and a top burner for main flame. The effect is a very full appearance for larger scale fireplaces.
- Both have 5/8" grates welded on the diamond, with burners welded to the grate. All burners are to be filled with sand (for Natural gas) or volcanic ash (for propane or outdoors natural gas).
- The LC Burner (shown on the left) is 12" in depth, and available in 18", 24" and 30" set sizes. Behind the top burner is room for log lifters (blocks) and a rear log.
- The LD Burner (shown on the right) is 16" in depth, and available in 24", 30X, 36", 48", 60", 72", 84" and 96" set sizes. The top burner also functions to prop up the top logs, so a rear log is not needed with the LD burner. The LD burners also have a manual valve to control the flame on the front burner.
- The TimberFire Logs (PH) are the preferred logs for the fullest effect, by any Evening-series logs can be used. Chunk kits can be added to increase the width of a standard size set.
- We do not recommend using a set with a solid front log, as it can impede lighting carry-over from one burner to the next. 

                           LC Burner                                                                               LD Burner

                                                           Back View

       LC Burner                                            LD Burner

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