Dimensions for Multi-Burner (LC) with Valve Vanisher
Author: Rett Rasmussen Reference Number: AA-01009 Views: 6084 Created: 2013-05-02 12:06 Last Updated: 2013-05-02 12:11 0 Rating/ Voters

The attached drawings show the Minimum Recommended Fireplace dimensions for centering the Valve Vanisher assembly into a fireplace, while leaving sufficient space for air flow to promote cooling and longevity of the heat-sensitive control system. The drawing also show the actual dimensions of the Valve Vanisher assembly.

These drawings apply for Valve Vanishers with the following control systems: VEI (Electronic Ignition), VMV (Millivolt Standing Pilot), and VSP (Manual Safety Control).

LC18_ValveVanisher_FireplaceDimensions.pdf 0.2 Mb Download File
LC24_ValveVanisher_FireplaceDimensions.pdf 0.2 Mb Download File
LC30_ValveVanisher_FireplaceDimensions.pdf 0.2 Mb Download File
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