Millivolt Vent-Free Burner Shuts Down (But Pilot Flame Still On)
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Q - Millivolt Vent-Free Burner Shuts Down, But Pilot Flame Continues To Burn. 

A- It may be that the Thermopile, which is the larger of the two elements on the ODS. The smaller, quick-acting thermocouple is the safety feature - it shuts the entire unit down, including the pilot, when the pilot flame becomes unstable or goes out. The Thermopile provides the power to open and close the valve. What you describe can be caused by two possibilities:

1) Not enough of the flame is striking it, so it is not generating enough energy. Cleaning the air intake holes may improve this (see
article). The next step to take is to ensure that the Thermopile is located as far into the pilot flame as possible. Please note in the below photo the Gap between the Thermopile and where the flame comes out of the assembly.

To improve the performance of the Thermopile, place the blade of a slot-screwdriver beneath the back edge of the Thermopile and rotate the blade clockwise, so that the front tip of the Thermopile mover further into the flame and the Thermopile touches the portion of the ODS from which the flame comes out.

 If #1 does not correct the issue, then:

2) The Thermopile has worn out and no longer creates enough energy  to OPEN and CLOSE the valve. Replace the ODS-ROP (we only replace the entire ODS assembly, not the individual components, for safety reasons). 

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