Can a Solaire Infrared Grill be used indoors?
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Q - Can a Solaire Infrared Grill be used indoors or in an enclosed area?

A -  All Solaire Infrared Gas Grills are intended for outdoor use.   They have neither been tested nor certified for indoor use.  All gas burning appliances will produce a measure of Carbon Monoxide (CO), some more than others.  Although the Solaire infrared burner is a very efficient burner, it will produce a measure of CO which must be ventilated.

The other issue related to ventilation is the exhausting of the smoke and grease that results from the grilling of the foods we like to grill.  

Some customers have chosen to use their Solaire Infrared Gas Grills indoors or in an enclosed by taking prudent precautions, such as utilizing it underneath a properly constructed and working indoor cooking ventilation hood.   However, Rasmussen cannot make any recommendation or endorsement of indoor use of our Solaire Grills.

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