Can the Solaire Infrared Grill be kept outdoors during winter months? Should it be stored indoors?
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Q -  Can the Solaire Infrared grill be kept out doors during the winter months?  Could the freezing temperatures damage the Infrared element In any way?  How about the rest of the grill?  Should it be stored Indoors during cold weather?

A - The #1 enemy of the Infrared Burner is moisture of any type on the ceramic burner element when the grill is not in use.  When it is in use, the burner is so hot that anything that drips on to it is instantly vaporized.  However, when cold, it can soften the ceramic and cause it to crumble or otherwise fail.  This is not covered under the Solaire Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The rest of the grill is stainless steel and is not directly affected by cold.  But especially because Solaire is not an inexpensive grill, I highly recommend that you keep it covered to protect your investment.  For the Solaire Portable Grills, they should be covered (the included carrying bag is fine) or brought under cover when not in use.

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