How to light a vent-free gas log set
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Please follow the sequence below for lighting a Vent-Free Unit:

For your safety, read all the steps before lighting

1)  This appliance is equipped with a piezo igniter which will light the pilot

2)  Verify that any and all gas valves are opened prior to the firebox

3)  Before lighting, smell around the appliance area for any raw gas

4)  Use only your hand to push in and turn the gas control knob (Knobs will have markings: Off - Pilot or I - On)

                (Photos of Gas Control Knobs - Top is for a manual control valve, Center is for a millivolt valve, Bottom is for the EASY system)

5)  Never use tools, do not attempt to repair yourself

6)  Push in gas control valve slightly and turn clock-wise fully to the Off position

7)  Wait 5 minutes to allow gas to dissipate  (If you smell gas, STOP)

     A)  Do not try to light the appliance

     B)  Do not touch any electrical switch; Do not use any phone or electrical source

     C)  Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbors phone

     D)  If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire department

8)  If you do not smell gas, please continue to the next step

9) Turn the gas control knob counter clock-wise to the Pilot position

10)  Push gas control knob all the way in and hold to allow gas flow to the pilot

11)  While continuing to hold gas control knob, press the piezo igniter button that will create a spark to light the pilot flame (You may have to depress the piezo several times also, this may take several minutes to allow air in the gas line to dissipate)

12)  Once the pilot flame is lit, continue to hold the gas control knob all the way down for approximately 30-45 seconds

13)  Release the gas control knob and the pilot should remain lit  (If not, please allow 5 minutes for gas to dissipate and repeat steps 10-12)

14)  If the pilot flame remains lit, turn gas control knob counter clock-wise to On position

     A)  For manual valves, ME or SPK3E, the burner flame will light

     B)  For remote log sets, SE-RE or RPK3E-RMC1E, locate the receiver box for lighting

               (Photo of Receiver Box)

NOTE:  If you need specific instruction for your gas log unit, please click on the link below for our instruction manuals:

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