Why should I buy Solaire Grill?
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Why should I buy a Solaire Grill?  Let's begin by saying that it is proudly manufactured in Whittier, CA., U.S.A., by a family owned business that began in 1907.  This grill is a work horse, it does not have the bells and whistles that many grills offer however, it will out grill most gas grills on the market.  Our full size grills are constructed of 304 series, 18-8 stainless steel.  These grills heat up within 3 minutes to temperatures ranging from 1000 to 1500 degrees, with the hood open.  BTU's range from 24,000 to 82,500, which are near in relation to most gas grills however, the efficiency of the infrared burner is what makes the difference.  With that said, what does the high heat mean?  It means that you are able to sear and when you sear your meat it locks all the flavors and juices to produce steak house quality in your own backyard.  What can I grill with infrared; steak, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruit, etc.  Is the grill expensive?  It is considered high-end and like most things in life, if you want good quality you have to be willing to spend money.  Is this grill worth my investment?  Yes, begin grilling in 3 minutes, cut your grill time in half, and have steak house quality in your own backyard.

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