Can the EIS be used with " smart home ", " home automation " systems?
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Q:  Can the EIS be used with " smart home ", " home automation " systems?

A: Yes, the EIS-N135, EIS-N200, EIS-N350, EIS-N700 and EIS-P200 can indeed be used with a home automation system.  The wires that would otherwise be attached to a switch (gray wire from the valve, red wire from the transformer) are connected to the relay or whatever else the automation system uses to close the contact to turn on the unit.

These systems only provide ON and OFF control.  In order to adjust the amount of gas that flows to the burner (and therefore the flame height) you need to install a valve between the outlet of the EIS control valve and the inlet of the burner.  Once adjusted to a desired flame height, the unit will turn ON to that setting each time it is operated, until the valve is adjusted again.
1) damper is wide open;
2) the glass doors are open; and
3) no person, pet, or thing is in or near the fireplace when it ignites. 

The EIS-RS150 and EIS-RL150 can also be used with the home automation system.  With these systems, you adjust the flame height with the remote transmitter, then change the switch on the control module so that the unit will turn ON and OFF from the automation system.  The two brown wires are the ones used to make the contact to operate with the home automation system.  Instructions for this are in the instruction manual on, specifically at

** WARNING **  While it may be "cool" to consider turning on your fireplace when you are not in the house or in a different room, doing so presents a potential safety hazard. A fireplace should never be turned on unless the user knows positively that the:

Failure to do so could be injurious to life, furnishings, and/or the gas log set.

** WARNING **  

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