DO NOT wet the Infrared Burner
Author: Rich Robles Reference Number: AA-00527 Views: 4911 Created: 2011-07-05 09:59 Last Updated: 2012-01-03 12:41 0 Rating/ Voters

Do not wet the infrared burner.  If you clean the infrared burner with water, this can change the characteristics of the ceramic and cause it to malfunction.  If the burner is turned off and has been wet by accident, remove the burner from the grill, place it indoors to allow to dry naturally.  (This process may take up to one week depending on the environment)  Once it is completely dry, place it back into the grill and attempt to use.  If the burner pops, flares up or does not turn cherry orange within 5 minutes, the burner will require replacement.  Replacements are available for purchase at our website store, (Link below)

If you have any questions about your burner, please send an email to:

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