BTU Capacity for EIS-RS150 and EIS-RL150
Author: Rett Rasmussen Reference Number: AA-00485 Views: 5844 Created: 2011-04-06 13:57 Last Updated: 2011-04-06 14:00 0 Rating/ Voters

The EIS-RS150 (with 24" pilot tube and igniter electrode) and EIS-RL150 (with 72" pilot tube and igniter electrode) have sufficient capacity for 30-inch and smaller gas logs sets on Natural Gas.

They may also be used with 33- and 36-inch sets on Natural Gas if you specify "with 1/2-inch fittings" when ordering.  We install 1/2" flare fittings to work with the 1/2" flexible stainless steel connectors that we supply with the 33" and 36" burners.  The larger fittings and connector allow more gas to flow through the valve.

These EIS systems should not be used on 42" and larger set sizes on Natural Gas, as the flame height will not be satisfactory for most people's desires.

Propane is delivered at a higher pressure, so you can use the standard system on 42" and smaller set size.  For 48" set size on Propane, specify "with 1/2-inch fittings" when ordering. 

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