Odor or Smell From When Operating Vent-Free Gas Logs
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There is nothing inherent in the Chillbuster or Alterna vent-free heaters that will “break down” or “fail” over time that will result in odor. The initial burn-in period specified in the installation manual is to remove any oil residue from the manufacture of the product and any dust from the packaging material. Rasmussen does not use paint based coloration, as the paint can burn away and cause odors, which is especially noticeable in vent-free sets. Rasmussen uses inert ceramic stain mixtures which do not create any odor when burned.

The burning of gas produces a natural odor of combustion. This is a physical property which cannot be eliminated, but can be diluted. It occurs in all gas burning appliances but is most noticeable with vent-free heaters in the absence of adequate fresh air. Homes of tight construction or strict weather-proofing reduce the amount of fresh air available to the living space and exacerbate the significance of the natural odor of combustion.

Additionally, since the gas log set is drawing its combustion air from the living area, any odors or impurities present in the room will be recycled through the flame and recirculated back into the room. Such impurities include:

  • pet hair

  • fresh paint or varnish

  • paint remover

  • cigarette smoke

  • potpourri and incense

  • cements and glues

  • new carpet or textiles, etc.

  • Dust build-up in and around the gas log set

  • Odors can also be released from residue that remains in the firebox and flue from previous wood burning.

Slightly opening a window to allow more fresh air into the room, or slightly opening the chimney damper to allow some of the products of combustion to vent up the chimney can help your situation if you are unable to identify a specific contributor to the odor, or if the natural odor of combustion is unacceptable.

There is no adjustment that can be made to the flame to remove the “fumes”. You can make “adjustments” to your house to provide more fresh air or to remove external factors that can be exacerbated when they are drawn into the flame of the gas log set and exhausted back into the room.

Please ensure that the installation instructions have been followed, especially with regard to the cleanliness of the firebox, the size of the firebox, the placement of the logs and the installation of the glowing embers (small, loose pieces). Installation/operation manuals can be downloaded from http://goo.gl/p4M9g

Ensure that all air intake regions of the lower part of the burner, as well as the burner ports themselves, are clear of dust, lint or other debris that would block proper air intake or gas flow. Please view the photos found at http://rasbox.com/questions.php?questionid=21 for location of these regions.

You may also wish to perform the ODS cleaning advised in the instructions found at http://rasbox.com/questions.php?questionid=22 This removes the accumulation of lint in the ODS air intakes that can result in nuisance shutdown.

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