Andiron Classic Concept
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The "Andiron Classic" is a concept, created by using our Evening Prestige Logs, TNA Burner and any pair of andirons with a shank upon which you rest one end of each of the two front log pieces. Rasmussen does not make andirons. We designed the TNA burner so that fireplace dealers would have a reason to sell the andirons they carry in their showroom with the sale of a gas log set. It results in a different look than what any other gas log manufacturer offers and gives the consumer a unique, personalized look. If you want the look without using andirons, use the Chunkers from item #BOC to prop up the ends of the front logs.

The Andiron Classic is well suited for Rumford Fireplaces. It provides a horizontal orientation that will fit in Rumford Fireplaces where conventional gas log sets will not.

Use the following items, based on Traditional Rumford Fireplace Dimensions

Rumford Fireplace Size
LogsUse with Burner
 24 EPR20 TNA20, TNA20E
 30 EPR20 TNA20, TNA20E
 36 EPR20 TNA20, TNA20E
 42 EPR24 TNA24, TNA24E
 48 EPR24 TNA24, TNA24E
 60 EPR30 TNA30, TNA30E
 72 EPR36 TNA36, TNA36E

If you have a standard fireplace and wish to apply the Andiron Classic concept, the above combination of logs and burners will not apply, but are a good starting point.  Because the rear width will be much wider, a wider burner (perhaps the next size) will need to be used to give an adequate fire and ember display.  If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance, providing us with the fireplace's dimensions:

  •   Front width of the firebox
  •   Rear width of the firebox 
  •   Depth of the firebox (front to back) 
  •   Height of the opening 
  •   Flue size or chimney opening area. 
  •   Gas type: Natural or   Propane 
  •   Location of gas supply into the firebox (wall or floor. If floor, where in the firebox).

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