Bugs coming down the chimney into the house.
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Q: I live in an area that has a problem with small, flying insects. They are getting into my house by coming down the chimney and through the fireplace opening. What can I do?

A: My first suggestion would be to install glass doors at the fireplace opening. When the gas logs are not in use, keep the doors closed and the bugs will be blocked from the house. When burning the gas logs, it's very important to have the glass doors open. There should be no problem with bugs during operation of the gas logs due to the heat and airflow going up the chimney.

A second, less desirable solution would be to remove the damper safety clamp and fully close the flue when the log set is not in use. We recommend using the damper clamp as a safety precaution against accidental full closure of the damper when the gas log set is in use. At least a little airflow will draw up the chimney. Regardless of whether a damper clamp is installed or not, it is very IMPORTANT to have the damper in the wide open position anytime the gas logs are in use. 

I understand that people close their dampers part way to retain heat. This is in opposition of the safe and intended use of gas log sets. Gas logs are decorative appliances that are used for providing supplemental heat to one room, not the entire house. They are not a substitute for a central heating system.

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