Convert Vented Gas Log Set to Vent-Free?
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Q: I have a vented Rasmussen gas log set.  Since much of the heat goes up the chimney, i would like to convert to a ventless log set.  Since i already have the logs and various cosmetic pieces, is there a conversion kit to convert to a ventless system from a vented?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot use any of the vented components (logs, burners or controls) in a converting to a vent-free solution. The vent-free systems use totally different burners. All vent-free gas log sets (which include the logs, burners and controls) must be certified to the national unvented heater standard, ANSI Z21.11.2, and are certified together as a set (you cannot "miix and match" components).  The most restrictive of all gas appliance standards, it allows the least amount of Carbon Monoxide (CO) (200 ppm air free) of any gas burning appliance (by contrast, the standard for a kitchen range, which is also an unvented appliance, allows up to 800 ppm air free).  Vent-free gas log sets must also be designed so that they do not produce soot.

You need to purchase a gas log set specifically designed and certified for vent-free use, such as our Chillbuster Gas Logs ,  AlternaVF at or CoalFire

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