How do I clean my Solaire Grill?
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Q: How to clean the inside of the grill?

A: 1 - Always perform the 5 minute minimum burn off, then allow the grill to cool.

2 - Remove the burners and safely place away from grill. Protect Rear Infrared Rotisserie Burner by masking and other means to ensure burner tiles do not get wet.

3 - Use a grease cleaner, such as 409 or orange cleaner, and paper towels to remove the majority of the grease. 

     a) For baked on grease, use either Barkeepers Friend or Soft Scrub, using a damp soft cloth and rubbing only in the direction of the grain. Wipe with clean damp cloth. 

     b) Alternatively, spray inside of firebox, hood and grilling grates with oven cleaner, such as Easy Off (Follow product instructions). Rinse inside of grill with water.  Dry with towels. Stubborn grease stains can be removed using #a above.

4 - Grates can also be cleaned with soap and water or placed in a dishwasher.

**NOTE:  Do not allow the infrared burners to get wet at all.  Water on the infrared burner tiles will ruin them.

How to clean the outside of the grill?

For basic cleaning we recommend 
grease cleaner, such as 409 or orange cleaner, and then finish with a stainless steel polish (from the grocery store or home improvement center). Always go with the direction of the grain when wiping or rubbing.

For removal of stains, spots and tarnishes we recommend Bar Keepers Friend or Soft Scrub (Follow instructions carefully).  Use a soft cloth and be sure to apply with the grain of the stainless steel (not cross-grain).  Once completed use a stainless steel polish.

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