How to program multiple remote units at one installation.
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Q: How do I program two or more remote systems to work in the same space?

A:  1. Clear all the codes from the control module or remote receiver. Slide the REMOTE/OFF switch on the control module or remote receiver to the OFF position on all units except the one you are currently trying to program.

2. Slide the REMOTE/OFF switch to the remote position, press and hold the LEARN button for 10 seconds and then release it. Once released, an audible alert of three (3) long beeps in succession should be heard. This will signify that all security codes in the module / remote receiver have been cleared.

3. Once the codes have been cleared, with the switch in the remote position, press and immediately release the LEARN button (a single beep should be heard) and then immediately after releasing the learn button, press and hold the ON or OFF button on the remote to send a signal. If the code has been successfully accepted there will be a series of four (4) rapid beeps. 

Test the unit to ensure it is operating properly. If it is, turn remote switch to OFF and proceed to the next unit and repeat the procedure above. 

Be sure upon completion of “learning” each unit to slide the remote switch to the OFF position and move on to the next unit complete.

4. Once you have completed this process for all units, you may slide the REMOTE/OFF switch on each module or remote control receiver to the remote position and each unit should operate independently.

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