Do all of your vented gas logs have a certification?
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Q: Do all of your vented gas logs have a certification?

A: Although many of our sets are listed, the LC & LD (Multi-Burner), C (Custom Pan Burner), CXF (Custom Embers Pan Burner) and TNA (Tipi/Andiron Burner) systems are not listed by a certification agencyNot all of our designs can meet the requirements of the established standards.  To meet the requirements would require alterations that would result in a product with appearance and performance inferior to our current designs of these products (the flame size and appearance quality would suffer, making them unsalable).  We designed these vented burners to fit a need for a larger flame display with better gas utilization by zoning the burners, and have had thousands of installations without incident.

This is not to say that our sets are unsafe.  Far from it.  T.R. Rasmussen, our president, invented the pan-type gas log burner in 1958.  In 1972, he was involved in the development of the RGA #2-72 pan burner standard as well as the ANSI Z21.60 Vented Decorative Standard.  Rasmussen has been an excellent corporate citizen, as we have participated in numerous standards committees and take great effort to ensure that we produce high quality, safe products.  All of our gas log sets, whether certified or not, are made of the same high quality materials, designs, production techniques and quality control.  This is how we have remained a thriving business for over 100 years.

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