How do I clean the soot off my vented gas logs?
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Q: How do I clean the soot off my vented gas logs?

A: The easiest method of cleaning off the soot is to operate the set for a few minutes to get the logs/balls/stones/shapes hot, then spray the sooty areas with the mist water from a spray bottle. The soot dislodges and goes up the chimney. Alternatively, the soot can be either brushed or vacuumed away. You can also remove the logs/balls/stones/shapes from the fireplace, hose them off and brush away the soot with a soft bristle brush, although we caution doing this, as it may result in the removal of the coloration, which is not covered by any warranty, and not able to be reapplied.

*Always be sure to keep glass doors and the damper in the wide open position while operating

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